FlexPDE 8 Revision Log

FlexPDE is an evolving complex product. The addition of new features and the repair of errors occasion the release of new versions at frequent intervals. Here is a brief history of the changes made in FlexPDE. The most recent version is listed first, followed by increasingly older versions.

FlexPDE Version 8

This version is a major rewrite of the FlexPDE application.

Among the new features in the initial release of FlexPDE version 8 are:

  • Enhanced Internet Licensing Options - Auto-release option, multi-seat option, online access/management to license state.
  • OpenGL plots - New selectors for mesh, contour, and surface plots using OpenGL.
  • Moving Mesh Reconnect - Automatic mesh reconnection for moving meshes maintains uniform cells.
  • Rotational Extrusion - Extrude in radial angle instead of in Z. Makes conversion of 2D cylindrical models to 3D a snap!
  • Complex Eigenvalues - Solve models that produce complex eigenvalue solutions.
  • Explicit Variables - Set any variable to an explicit expression in specific regions.
  • SVG Graphics Export - Export any plot in Scalable Vector Graphics format.
  • Generalized Periodicity - Periodic Map now allows variable exchange. Great for exchanging vector components.
  • More Hyperbolic Functions - Addition of COTH, SECH, and CSCH hyperbolic functions.
  • New Distance Function - Edge distance function to calculate the distance along a named path.
  • New Utility Functions - New pseudo FLOOR and CEILING functions as alternatives to Max and Min, that provide a continuous derivative.
  • Many Internal Improvements - Improved TRANSFER file format, improved error measure, improved parameter/equation summaries in debug file, and improved diagnostics for discontinuous Jacobians interfering with Newton convergence.

FlexPDE Revision Numbering

FlexPDE version numbers encode the exact release and are of the form 8.00, representing the major version and minor version numbers.

When the revision is significant (such as adding moving mesh capability) the major version number (the first digit) is incremented.

When added features are an evolution of the existing version, such as adding new meshing capabilities, the minor version number (the second digit group) is incremented.

(Note: Occasionally versions appear in our download directory with an additional alphabetic subscript, like 8.01a, or versions with an "x" subscript, like 8.01x1. These are experimental or special purpose sub-versions, and should not be considered stable. They are never linked through the main download page.)

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