About PDE Solutions

PDE Solutions Inc. was incorporated in 1995 by the former development staff of SPDE, Inc., creators of the PDEase software package. The purpose of the company is exclusively to provide computational support for the solution of partial differential equation systems in engineering and science.

Standard Software

Our standard software product is FlexPDE; a simple to use, flexible software system for obtaining numerical solutions to single or coupled sets of partial differential equations in one, two or three space dimensions plus time. FlexPDE allows the user to pose their problem in compact problem-oriented form and proceed directly to the graphical presentation of solutions, without digressing to learn the complexities of programming or Finite Element implementation.

Custom Software

The FlexPDE program provides a powerful base for the implementation of custom software packages, tailored to the needs of special problems or applications. We stand ready to help you create custom software products related to numerical modeling in physics, chemistry, geology, biochemistry, cosmology and related fields.


The staff of PDE Solutions Inc. have built their careers in the computational modeling of problems in science and engineering. We are available on a consulting basis for the study and computational analysis of problems small and large. Before you embark on an in-house modeling effort, let us show you how effectively our capabilities can be applied to your needs.

Why Choose Us

One software tool takes you from Mathematical Model to Numerical Solution to Graphical Display.

Versatile Problem-Solving Environment
Academic & Volume Discounts Available
No Modules to Buy or Additional Software
Lite version available for FREE!

What Our Customers Say

"Thanks for making such a great product -- I have gotten more results more quickly during the trial than my co-workers have achieved with a $30K dedicated E&M package."

~ R.Z., Cambridge MA

"Thanks for your help. This is such a good program that this has to work. I have used it for years to do modeling that (other) Finite Element packages can not do."

~J.K., USA, User Support


"Thanks for a great product! I am just a student of physics and math, but your student version really helps in visualizing what the equations are doing."

~ D.W., Student User

"FlexPDE is an extremely powerful pde solver and I have not come across a better multiphysics program. It is particularly simple to use and the availability of a free student version makes it ideal for undergraduate classes on pdes."

~ A.C., UK

"I am very grateful to your support service for your ultra-fast response that does not send customers to just RTFM when you can actually provide help... Thanks!"

~ M.D., Washington, DC, User Support

"Thanks for developing a really easy to use software package with truly impressive capabilities. I know of no other FEM software package that comes close to FlexPDE in the ease of setting up problems, and I intend to use FlexPDE extensively in my research work."

~ A.W., USA

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