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Introducing: FlexPDE 8

Now with support for Complex Eigenvalues, OpenGL graphics, surface contour plots, and automatic moving mesh reconnection.

Flex PDE Software

Start Computing Today with FlexPDE

One software tool takes you from Mathematical Model to Numerical Solution to Graphical Display.

Lite version available for FREE!

Requires no additional software

No modules to buy!

Academic and volume discounts available

Solving 1D, 2D, 3D Multi-Physics PDE Problems

...or a hundred more!

FlexPDE is a self-contained processing system that helps you:

Analyze your problem description

Symbolically forms Galerkin finite element integrals, derivatives and dependencies

Builds a coupling matrix and solves it

Plots the results

Mathematical Models & Finite Element Analysis

From stress analysis to chemical reaction kinetics to stock option pricing, mathematical modeling of real world systems is dominated by partial differential equations. FlexPDE addresses the mathematical basis of all these fields by treating the equations rather than the application. Why buy a separate software product for each of your mathematical modeling problems, when one product can solve them all?

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What Our Customers Say

"Thanks for making such a great product -- I have gotten more results more quickly during the trial than my co-workers have achieved with a $30K dedicated E&M package."

~ R.Z., Cambridge MA

"Thank you so much for your helpful suggestions. I have never seen such excellent service to customers... Thanks a lot!"

~D.J., USA, User Support


"Thank you very much for your kind help on using FlexPDE. Since I derived my governing equations, I had gone through several packages ... and found out that FlexPDE is the most promising and powerful tool for my problems."

~ J.Y., USA, User Support

"I would like to say that I have really enjoyed using FlexPDE for quite a few years now. It has been a big help to me in my work, and I think you have done a great job of keeping it current, adding features, and responding to questions."

~ R.B., PA, USA

"I am a frequent user and strong advocate for FlexPDE. I routinely encourage my various industrial associates to give it a try. It is a great product that just keeps getting better all the time. Gentlemen, my hat is off to you!"

~ FEA Analyst & Consultant Engineer, WA, USA

"Thanks for developing a really easy to use software package with truly impressive capabilities. I know of no other FEM software package that comes close to FlexPDE in the ease of setting up problems, and I intend to use FlexPDE extensively in my research work."

~ A.W., USA

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