Arbitrary Lagrange/Eulerian Moving Mesh

FlexPDE allows the definition of mesh-moving equations, and applies an Arbitrary Lagrange/Eulerian (ALE) formulation. This allows several optional behaviors:

  • By locking the mesh to the fluid velocity, you can create a fully Lagrangian model.
  • Or, you can define a relaxive mesh within moving boundaries to maintain mesh integrity.
  • Or, by omitting the mesh moving equations, you can perform a fully Eulerian computation.

In any case, FlexPDE automatically corrects the PDE system to represent the motion of the mesh.

The problem shown here computes the motion of a gas in a compressor cylinder.


Arbitrary Lagrange/Eulerian moving mesh animation


Piston gas pressure moving mesh animation

Gas Pressure

(All animations are FlexPDE native graphical output, assembled into a movie by APNG Maker)

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