What is new in FlexPDE version 6?

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What is new in FlexPDE version 6?

Postby mgnelson on Wed Nov 03, 2010 4:37 pm

FlexPDE Version 6 is a major rewrite of the FlexPDE application.

Among the new features of FlexPDE version 6 are:
  • Multithreading : Support for dual and quad core processors. Run multiple problems simultaneously or use up to 8 threads for parallel execution within a single problem.
  • Complex, Vector and Array Variables and Equations : Direct support of these data types simplifies equation construction.
  • Regionally Inactive Variables : Variables can be declared inactive in some regions and active in others.
  • Multiple Equation Sets : Splitting of equations into sets that are solved sequentially and alternately.
  • Internal Tabulation Facility : Build on-the-fly tables of computationally intensive parameters for more economical execution.
  • Arrays and Matrices : Extended support allows array and matrix operations for use in equations, graphics and domain construction.
  • Planes, Cylinders, Spheres : Simplified Construction of Planes, Cylinders and Spheres in 3D.
  • Stop and Restart Facility : Simplified facility for restarting a script after stopping.
  • Additional Status Graphs : Updated graphical interface to include plots of cell/node number, error, convergence and timestep.
  • Web-based Licensing : Move license from machine to machine with web actions.
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