What is FlexPDE?

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What is FlexPDE?

Postby mgnelson on Wed Nov 03, 2010 2:41 pm

FlexPDE is a "scripted finite element model builder". It takes systems of partial differential equations provided by the user and creates a finite element model, builds a mesh, solves the problem and presents graphical output.

As such, it has no built-in knowledge of any specific area of application. As long as the user can construct a well-posed PDE system, FlexPDE has a good chance of solving it. Couplings between disparate fields of analysis offer it no difficulty, because it has no concept of what fields "belong together".

You can find an overview of the capabilities of FlexPDE by going to our main website at http://www.pdesolutions.com and clicking on the "Product" menu at the left. Then you can browse the many features and sample applications shown there.

You can also download our free evaluation version by following the "Download" menu from our main website. With it you can peruse over 100 example problems that run in Professional mode and you can create your own scripts that will run in Student mode (limited in the number of nodes and equations).

Documentation is included in the download and it can also be found online (along with various forms of other information about FlexPDE) under the "Documentation" menu of the main website.

If you would like to investigate FlexPDE Professional on problems of your own design, you can request a free 30-day trial license. Information about obtaining a trial license can be found at http://www.pdesolutions.com/license.html .

Pricing and purchasing information can be found at http://www.pdesolutions.com/pricing6.html or by using the "Pricing" and "Buy Now" menu at the left of our main website.
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