Moving boundary at common interface of two metal blocks

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Moving boundary at common interface of two metal blocks

Postby pratroxx on Tue Jan 08, 2019 9:32 am

Hello everyone,

I have posted previously regarding the same issue. I am simulating a problem involving two metal blocks in initial contact where the upper block is given a velocity relative to lower block. I have tried using a CONTACT condition on the interface with an INITIAL VALUE specification of the velocity in the upper block. The problem still remains with sliding of one block on another. The material points which form a common interface between upper and lower block also travel along with upper block during motion. If I give initial gap between upper and lower block and after applying vertical pressure to ensure contact between blocks, the blocks seem to slide over one another without any problem. In this case I cannot use 'Jump' and 'Contact' conditions for heat transfer parallely because in order to use them the two blocks need to be in initial contact. If they are in contact then there is a problem of material points being carried along with upper block. I am able to solve either of the problem but I still cannot get rid of both problems simultaneously. Is there any alternate solution to solve these problems simultaneously? If someone with similar experience regarding movement of two bodies that are in initial contact can share his/her ideas, it would be really helpful for me.
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Re: Moving boundary at common interface of two metal blocks

Postby moderator on Wed Jan 09, 2019 12:04 pm

It is hard to comment unless you provide us with a sample script of what you are trying to do.
Can you send the script to
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