Scalar and tensor error message

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Scalar and tensor error message

Postby jehadyam on Tue Jun 16, 2015 6:21 am

I am trying to model the energy equation in the hydrogen storage inside metal hydride
I have the energy equation of the form
V is vector in R only
I wrote it this way
Tempg : (epss*rohg*cpg+(1-epss)*rohs*cps)*dt(Tempg)+grad(rohg*cpg*V*Tempg)=div(ke*grad(Tempg))+m*(DeltH-Tempg*(cpg-cps))
I get error message on this term +grad(rohg*cpg*V*Tempg) of the LHS
"The Add Operation is undefined for the pair (Tensor, Scalar)"

Any help!
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